‘A Reading + book sale’   

Julia Lans Nowak + Adult Books.
with additional readings by Megan Plunkett of The Kingsboro Press, Hans F. Wagner, and Jess Scott.

July 14 2019, Sunday 7:00pm-9:00pm [Readings begin at 7:30 sharp]
Location: front garden at Winona Blvd X Franklin 90027 --Contact us for address.

Open to the respectful public.
NB: A night cap will follow at Bimbo’s Clown Room nearby after the readings:-)

Lans Nowak + Scott will have a collaborative chapbook and other limited items for sale.



‘Tarantella’    Emma Kohlmann, Kelly Infield, Charlotte Kohlmann.
                Curated by Tara Castellano and Jess Scott.

May 25 2019, Saturday 7:30pm-9:30pm ---Opening
+ May 26 2019, Sunday 12pm-5pm ---Open Hours
See map for location

After the misdiagnosis of the lethal Tarantella, Giovanna was forced to move from Italy to Los Angeles. Here she found solace in the arms of The Staircase…

Tarantella is the world of dance and hysteria. What happens when women are accused of the bite of a sinister spider and are unable to be cured of its consequences? We get to see the new life and home Giovanna has created in Los Angeles. Her doors will be open to the public for just a short time. With work by Kelly Infield, Charlotte Kohlmann, and Emma Kohlmann, a new home is formed through the intricate weaving of history, mythology, and culture, giving the viewer an intimate look into life birthed from exile.

Charlotte Kohlmann has interlaced words and drawings onto Giovanna’s undergarments. They  have written interpretations of both fabricated truths and historic events, to divulge Giovanna’s story and interests in symbolism. These garments act as an armor under her everyday clothes to conceal and reveal secret histories.

Kelly Infield manipulates the sessile comfort of domestic pieces by breathing life and movement into her sculptures. Her work gravitates to the center of the room, making us question function in our living spaces. Kelly is based in Los Angeles, California.

Emma Kohlmann developed multiple ceramic pieces for Giovanna’s new home as a way to root our reality to hers. Her vessels, luminaries and floor pieces functions as way to give figurative tangibility into this domestic imagined space.

Emma and Charlotte Kohlmann are based in Northampton, Massachusetts.

This collaboration between the Kohlmann sisters and Kelly Infield depicts a transient character’s life caught in amber.  When the bite of Tarantella manifests alienation, her own shell is her coping mechanism.

--Tara Castellano, 2019. 



‘Brilliant Colors’    Jean Nagai

      February 16 2019, Saturday 7:30pm-9:30pm ---Opening
+ February 17 2019, Sunday 1pm-5pm ---Open Hours
See map for location

Jean Nagai (b. 1979, Seattle, Washington, USA) is admired for his brilliant bursts of painted abstraction and hand-forged pointillism in images both Earthly and not of this world. Having resided in the Pacific Northwest, Roswell, N.M, and Los Angeles, Nagai's hyper-ambiguous landscapes are lucid, engaged and ultimately trippy. Nagai recently took part in the auto-didactic exercise of creating 100 paintings in 100 days, whereby a new work was produced every day in an effort to understand process, quality, quantity, and completion. Some of the works from this process will be on view here.

Note: A very limited artist edition long-sleeve shirt designed by Nagai will be available for purchase in-person.




‘Collages’    Amy Browne

      January 26 2019, Saturday 6pm-8pm Opening
+ January 27 2019, Sunday 12pm-5pm Open Hours
See map for location

            Amy Browne is a San Francisco-based artist creating compositions through decayed typography and imagery. Working in digital and physical collage, Browne will be showing a number of new works including recent experimentations in projected animated collage and large format printing.

        "I am interested in the complex relationships between form and information that exist in media. Using collage, my work pushes beyond the source material’s intent and into manipulations of composition and design structure. I experiment with balance versus asymmetry, and message versus aesthetic. Offering a vision of art in opposition to design function, I find poetry in the failure of process, a less-than perfect edge, a not-quite-right angle, or an uncommon shape."

For more work:  
Insta: @brownecollage

Legs (detail), 201842" X 42" Ink Jet Print

Housing (detail), 201842" X 44" Ink Jet Print

Friday (detail), 2018. Ink jet print. 51" x 40"

Process shot (2018).



‘New Paintings + Drawings’    Dylan Sharp

      October 27 2018, Saturday 6pm-8pm Opening
+ October 28 2018, Sunday 11am-5pm Open Hours
See map for location

        Dylan Sharp (b. 1980, Carnation, Washington USA)
is a Los Angeles painter, writer, filmmaker, and musician
(in several groups including the long-running Gun Outfit),
et cetera.