‘Collages’    Amy Browne

      January 26 2019, Saturday 6pm-8pm Opening
+ January 27 2019, Sunday 12pm-5pm Open Hours
See map for location

            Amy Browne is a San Francisco-based artist creating compositions through decayed typography and imagery. Working in digital and physical collage, Browne will be showing a number of new works including recent experimentations in projected animated collage and large format printing.

        "I am interested in the complex relationships between form and information that exist in media. Using collage, my work pushes beyond the source material’s intent and into manipulations of composition and design structure. I experiment with balance versus asymmetry, and message versus aesthetic. Offering a vision of art in opposition to design function, I find poetry in the failure of process, a less-than perfect edge, a not-quite-right angle, or an uncommon shape."

For more work:  
Insta: @brownecollage

Legs (detail), 201842" X 42" Ink Jet Print

Housing (detail), 201842" X 44" Ink Jet Print

Friday (detail), 2018. Ink jet print. 51" x 40"

Process shot (2018).