‘Brilliant Colors’    Jean Nagai

      February 16 2019, Saturday 7:30pm-9:30pm ---Opening
+ February 17 2019, Sunday 1pm-5pm ---Open Hours
See map for location

Jean Nagai (b. 1979, Seattle, Washington, USA) is admired for his brilliant bursts of painted abstraction and hand-forged pointillism in images both Earthly and not of this world. Having resided in the Pacific Northwest, Roswell, N.M, and Los Angeles, Nagai's hyper-ambiguous landscapes are lucid, engaged and ultimately trippy. Nagai recently took part in the auto-didactic exercise of creating 100 paintings in 100 days, whereby a new work was produced every day in an effort to understand process, quality, quantity, and completion. Some of the works from this process will be on view here.

Note: A very limited artist edition long-sleeve shirt designed by Nagai will be available for purchase in-person.